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Hi, I'm Paul Pirrone.

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Born and raised in Bedford Township, my roots run deep in Southeast Michigan. I was raised by parents who taught me the value of loyalty, dedication, and hard work. Those values led me to become a Union Ironworker at the age of 18.

I married my wife Stephanie at the age of 23 and together, we are raising five beautiful children here in the state we love. I am currently a chaplain for the YMCA, an active member of Compelled Church, and I enjoy the outdoors and golfing in my free time.


As time went on and I grew both personally and professionally, my work ethic led me to leadership positions such as being appointed delegate for the Northwestern Ohio Building Trades, appointed to the executive board, and appointed apprenticeship coordinator for Local 55.


During my work as apprenticeship coordinator, I became interested in government and this ultimately led me to become involved at a deeper level and run for Township Government. A term as Park Commissioner started the ball rolling and led to a term as Township Trustee.


After being elected in 2016 as Township Supervisor, my service to Monroe County's Bedford Township has been my full-time job. Under my leadership, many positive changes have taken place.


Reduced spending at Township Hall, improved roads, grant money received, and improved services for residents are a few of these positive changes. I have also been a part of community events in our township, like the Bedford Blizzard Fest and the Temperance Street Fest committees. These both helped to bring the community together in a positive, fun way.


Over the past 13 years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve the community that helped raise and educate me. Whether it be on the park board or as trustee, in every position I have been honored to play a role in making a difference in my hometown, Bedford Township. 

I have been further blessed and honored to be the Supervisor of that great township for the last five years. Bedford is in a great position, and I am extremely proud of the things that we have accomplished. 

I am most proud that Bedford is on solid financial ground and is even stronger after Covid. This is evidenced by our current budget situation. I have always strived to be fiscally conservative with my own home and family and have done the same in stewarding the taxpayer dollars of those I represent.

These and other accomplishments make me proud not only of my own work in Bedford, but of every citizen that’s had a part in making Bedford a great place to call home.

This year, an opportunity has presented itself and I feel compelled to step up. I am extremely humbled by those at the state and local level that have reached out and encouraged me to run for Michigan State Representative.


One of my core beliefs is to bring a common sense approach to any kind of problem-solving. My skill set and the relationships that I have built over my years of public service will be a great asset in representing the 30th district at the state level.

The State of Michigan faces many challenges in our current times; however, our opportunities are far greater than our challenges.

I will be a strong proponent for economic development in Michigan and will help provide my children and all the children of Michigan a safe home and a reason to live and work where they were raised.


I will continue to steadfastly serve not only Bedford but our surrounding counties and the residents of Michigan in every way possible. I look forward to taking my work ethic and passion for public service with me to Lansing as I continue representing you.


I trust that you will support me in my endeavor, and I would like to say it now as we embark on this new task: Thank you for your support. It'll be an exciting year!

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